Is your business already fit?

Together we ensure fit employees!

Exclusive Giavarrafitness app

Contribute to the health, vitality and happiness of your employees. Help them to feel more fit in their own skin. Fit employees ensure better performance.
Do you have employees who:
  • Are you often tired?
  • Have little energy?
  • Being overweight?
  • Eating bad or unhealthy food?
Exercising and eating well can ensure a fit body and a healthy mind. Once you are physically and mentally fit you can also perform optimally during working hours.
You can expect this from online fitness coaching for businesses
Personal nutrition plans
You will receive special customized nutrition plans. All goals and preferences are taken into account. Good food choices provide more energy and better overal health.
Personal training plans
You will receive a training schedule specially made to measure. It can be adjusted constantly. We take into account your level and whether you train at home, outside or in the gym. You can also find this schedule fully in our app so that you can easily see what you need to train.
Access to the exclusive Giavarra itness app
You get access to our exclusive app where you can easily keep track of everything. This app is always easily at hand and gives you insight into your training and nutrition.
Access to your own online personal trainer
You get access to your own personal trainer. We are always ready to answer all your questions and guide you to your desired result. Together we go for it!
Access our exclusive online community and participate in cool challenges
You get access to our online community where all our other members share their progress with each other. You can also participate in challenges such as a step challenge and you can win great prizes.
Only a few spots are available for this coaching (full = full)